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  • What is JobShare Partner?

    JobShare Partner provides a meeting place for job share seekers to come together and find a like-minded person with whom they could share a job. Think of it like a dating site – you create a profile, find someone you like the look of and then connect with them. JobShare Partner effectively works in the same way – just without the awkward first date!

    After you’ve connected with someone, you can take advantage of JobShare Partner’s extensive library of application templates (click here for an example) to give the partnership the best chance of securing a job share arrangement. The arrangement would be for a full time position to be shared (part time) by two skilled people.


    How does it work?

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    Sign upSign Up

    Signing up requires a once off fee of $80 (or less if you’re lucky enough to get in early). This fee will give you six months of unrestricted access to the site, with absolutely no other hidden fees involved. Once your six months of access is up, you’ll lose access to your profile and the ability to see other member’s profiles.
    Step two in the job sharing process...

    Create a profile

    Create your profile

    After signing up, you are able to create your JobShare Profile. Think of it as a tailored resume – it includes information on your desired work location, industry, salary expectations, available work days, prior experience, and so on. The amount of information you provide is completely up to you, but generally more is better.
    Step three in the job sharing process...

    Find someone you likeFind someone you like

    (and who likes you)

    You’re now ready to search through other members’ profiles using the Search function. When you come across someone who may be a compatible job sharing partner, you click the ‘Match’ button on their profile. This will notify that person that you’re interested and will give them a chance to view your profile and give them the opportunity to ‘Match’ you in return. Once your two profiles become matched, then each of you will be able to message each other using JobShare Partner’s internal messaging system and determine whether or not personal contact details should be exchanged. This matching function ensures you never receive any messages from someone you’re not interested in, and that you (and only you) decide when or if to give out your personal contact details.
    Step four in the job sharing process...

    Prepare a job sharing application

    Prepare an Application

    Once you’ve found a compatible job sharing partner, it’s time to prepare a job sharing application; either for a position that one of the partners currently holds or a brand new full time position that you’re both interested in. Your application needs to be more than just your two individual resumes; it needs to include a business case as to why two job sharing applicants can perform a job as well as, or even better than, an individual full-timer. Does building a business case sound like a lot of work or slightly intimidating? Don’t worry – it’s not. JobShare Partner’s members have access to a wide range of guides, articles and templates to assist you in building the most compelling job sharing application possible.
    Step five in the job sharing process...

    Apply for a job share role!

    Apply for jobs!

    It’s time to get out there and win people over! Armed with your tailored job sharing application and job sharing interview guide, you and your partner will be able to apply for almost any full-time job in the market. Many of JobShare Partner’s members already know their target job – sometimes the role is within the company they already work for, other times they’ve found it posted on Other JobShare Partner member’s know that they want to start job sharing, but want to go through the job hunt process together with their Partner. Not only do both approaches work perfectly well, they actually complement each other.